Prowalco designs, assembles, sells, distributes and installs
petroleum-dispensing equipment to the retail (garages) and
commercial (farms, mines, corporates) markets. These
products have a high local content and assembly takes place
at Prowalco’s main facility in Alrode, south of Johannesburg.



General Specifications

Country of Origin South Africa
Manufacturer Prowalco (Pty) Ltd
Quality Assurance and conformance to standards• SABS ISO 9001: 2000
• SANS 1020
• SABS 10378: Legal Metrology Compliance
• SANS IEC : 60079-11:1999 (Intrinsic Safety standard)
• SANS : 1020:2003 Section (I.S. Pump design classification standard)
• Conformance to the max legal tolerance of +/- 0.5 % measurement accuracy.
Accessories Preset Pads. Attendant Tagging Same
Warrantee12 Months on all supplied parts
Spares All spares available from manufacturer

Technical Specifications

Operating Power 220 V – 230 V, 50 Hz
Motor Specifications 0.55 kW (¾HP) CW (Single Phase only)
Starting Current +/- 20 Amp
Full Load Current +/- 4 Amp
Maximum Operating Pressure 350 KPa
Operating Ambient Temperature range -20º to +60ºC
Measurement Accuracy Accurate to 1mm. (i.e. 3 decimal digits) Conformance to the maximum legal tolerance of +/- 0,5 %