1962 – Gilbarco Inc. From Greensboro, USA opens a factory in South Africa to perform local assembly of their pumps for the local market and Gilbarco South Africa is formed.

1972 –  After a decade in the industry, Gilbarco SA is the largest provider of pump maintenance services in South Africa.

1985 – Gilbarco SA is sold to the local management team and the company is named AG Walker after its managing director.

1989 – 85% of the shareholding in AG Walker is sold to  Northern Engineering Industries (NEI) and the company is placed in the same division as Propower, the sole distributors for Cummins Diesel.

1993 – AG Walker and Propower’s management make a successful bid to NEI and the company is brought under the umbrella of the newly formed holding company, Prowalco.

1996 – With the approval of Gilbarco Inc., AG Walker changes its name to Gilbarco Africa Sales and Service (GASS).  Trade sanctions are lifted in South Africa and GASS starts to trade in other parts of Africa.

2000 – Gilbarco Inc. changes its name to Marconi Systems and requests GASS to duly change theirs, thus reserving ‘Gilbarco’ as a product name only.  Prowalco Group’s two divisions are sold: Propower to Cummins PLC (UK) and GASS to its management.  GASS adopts the name of its former holding company, Prowalco.

2001 – Prowalco expands its scope of business to include full site-maintenance on all retail and commercial fuel outlets.

2002 – Prowalco Asset Care Division is launched and the company becomes the first in South Africa to be known as the ‘black-owned one-stop-shop’.

Gilbarco Inc. is purchased by Danaher Corporation and the ensuing restructuring forces Prowalco to break all ties with that group.

Prowalco enters into a Distributorship Agreement with Tatsuno Corporation who is the leading fuel dispenser manufacturer in Asia. In terms of this agreement Prowalco are distributors of the cutting edge Tatsuno range of products  and we also use their exceptional high quality hydraulic components in our locally designed and assembled range of products.  The relationship between Prowalco and Tatsuno has strengthened over the years as both companies share the goal to deliver the best quality and most technologically advanced products to the oil industry.

2016 – Bud Group:  Prowalco becomes part of The Bud Group.

2018 – Tatsuno shareholding:  Tatsuno Corporation becomes a shareholder, after Prowalco having distributed Tatsuno products for 17 years. Tatsuno Corporation is the leading fuel-dispenser manufacturer in Asia. The relationship between Prowalco and Tatsuno has strengthened over the years, as both companies share the goal of delivering the best quality and most technologically advanced products to the oil industry.

New premises: Prowalco had been in their old premises since 1961.  In November 2018, it was time for a change that suited the new management team, new values, and our world-class technology. The new premises in Lords View Industrial Park, Klipfontein are centrally situated, making it easy for deliveries and visits from our clients.

Annali May is made CEO of the company.

2018 – Franklin Supplier of the Year:  Prowalco Tatsuno is awarded Supplier of the Year for 2018 by Franklin Fueling Systems a global leader of complete fuelling systems. This was the second consecutive year Prowalco Tatsuno have been acknowledged by Franklin, having clinched New Business Partner in 2017. Its products include fuel management systems, dispensing systems, submersible pumping systems, service station hardware, pipe and containment, transport systems, wire management, and complete system solutions for diesel exhaust fluid.