Prowalco Tatsuno designs, assembles, sells, distributes and installs petroleum-dispensing equipment to the retail (garages) and commercial (farms, mines, corporates) markets. These products have a high local content.

The Icon 5000 series is perfect for small and large-scale farmers, as it consists of both a fuel-dispensing and fleet-management solution. This is critical for the agricultural industry, with the latest requirements from SARS stipulating a detailed breakdown of fuel consumption per piece of equipment.

The main attraction for farmers is that the ICON 5000 Series is very user-friendly, providing real-time information that can be used to generate statistical reports. In addition, the pumps themselves are cloud-based, which means that technicians can log into them remotely and often fix any problems without having to go into the field.

This ‘smart’ capability of the pumps also allows for automatic diagnosis and self-repair, or the unit can flag the issue with the call centre for follow-up. If technicians are required to be dispatched to site, they can arrive with the exact spares required, which reduces downtime significantly. The fact that we manufacture locally means that parts and back-up are readily available, which is critical for the agricultural industry to maintain its productivity.