Prowalco Asset Care Division (PAC) was formed in 2001. The division manages the performance, maintenance, installation and movement of all assets and equipment that are not part of the traditional pump and dispenser maintenance scope of work at Retail Service Stations as well as Commercial & Industrial fuel storage facilities.

PAC manages all ad hoc and fixed rate work related to buildings, forecourts, canopies, underground fuel storage systems, electrical reticulation and security systems to name but a few.

As a further service, Prowalco Asset Care manages small to medium construction and rollout projects as well as special projects such as image changes, scheduled signage cleaning projects, asset verification and tagging, underground storage tank systems, forecourt reconfigurations, rollouts etc.

PAC takes responsibility for enforcing health, safety, security, environmental operational and engineering compliance as per legal and customer policies and procedures.  PAC offers industry specific Safe Work Practice training to our sub contractors in terms of Permit to Work and Confined Space Entry. All contractors are periodically audited in terms of compliance and continued improvement.

Using custom developed industry specific asset and contractor management software, PAC is able to provide accurate reports on any aspect of the maintenance, history, location, movement, cost, downtime, response time to fix on any asset registered on the customer asset database.  The system allows us to accurately monitor and report on the performance of our customer’s assets, own personnel as well as those of our sub contractors.

The division’s maintenance coordinator team is distributed strategically across Southern Africa and is responsible for the technical interpretation of oil company requirements, to conduct site visits, prepare scopes of work, compile technical and commercial enquiries, receive and evaluate quotes and tenders and make recommendations for approval to the oil company concerned.  Once a job or project is approved, the work is allocated to selected contractors and the progress of the work is monitored from start to completion.  On-site inspections and audits are conducted by our technical personnel in accordance with agreed criteria.

The technical team is supported by our dedicated national Asset Care Centre (ACC).  ACC is responsible for receiving and logging of maintenance requests, data capturing, filing and preparing management reports for both internal and external use.