Construction Projects

Our dedicated Regional Maintenance Co-ordinators (RMC’s) at each of our branches are well equipped with the relevant experience and strict guidelines to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.

Typical Project Related Tasks that are conducted by the RMC and Regional Asset Care Manager

  • Initial site visit with customer to determine customer’s requirements, providing the customer with technical backing to meet his business objectives on the site.
  • Assessing the site and optimizing space for equipment installation and forecourt layout.
  • Engaging our draughting consultant to compile necessary drawings for the site and the equipment layout.
  • In certain instances, engaging one of our environmental consultants to either perform a site assessment for sites that are being taken over from another oil company or to initiate the EIA process for additional fuel storage on site.
  • Tracking the EIA and drawing compilation process.
  • Obtaining local municipal approval for any construction on site.
  • Estimating material quantities and obtaining quotations from reputable approved suppliers
  • Generating a scope of work for the construction on site.
  • Preparing and issuing tender documents to Prowalco approved installation contractors.
  • Clarification of tender document, site visit may be required.
  • Gathering of supplier’s quotes and installation contractors tenders for adjudication by RMC and RACM.
  • Compile commercial evaluation for submission to the customer for final approval.
  • Once financially approved, the RMC will arrange for calls to be logged at our national call center (ACC) for tracking purposes. Each task of the project will be allocated a unique job number which will also serve as the official order to proceed with the work.
  • The RMC in conjunction with the installation contractor and approved suppliers will compile a project plan, focusing on time efficiency and placing mandatory hold points for critical inspections by the RMC.
  • Pre – Construction Site meeting is to be held with all stakeholders, at which point the project plan is shared with all and amended if required and the scope of work is yet again verified.
  • Once all issues of the Pre Construction meeting are cleared, then construction may take place.
  • The RMC and RACM will conduct planned and unplanned safety audits on the contractor with the emphasis being on safety and quality.
  • Weekly progress meetings will be held by the RMC and site construction teams, to evaluate the project plan and clear up any variations from the scope of work. Minutes to be compiled and shared with all stakeholders.
  • Quality audits and inspections to be conducted by the RMC and/or RACM as dictated by the project plan and to be conducted in accordance with relevant SANS documentation.
  • RMC to witness testing of equipment and final commissioning.

RMC to handover the site after closing off any snag list items with the customer and to ensure that equipment datasheets and warrantee conditions are uploaded onto our database and a copy of such documents are issued to the customer.

Contractor Selection

All approved contractors have undergone a strict selection criteria which was is approved by the PAC divisional head for each contractor.
In addition the contractor is audited on an annual basis and ranked as per the audit findings.
Only the highest ranked contractors are utilized for construction work.
Prowalco has an in house Permit to Work and Gas Testing program on which each contractor must be certified.

Supplier Selection

Only SABS accredited suppliers are utilized.
All material purchased are in accordance with the specific SANS code
Preferential rates are obtained due to the long standing relationship we have with our suppliers.