Full name:  Annali May

Position:  Chief Executive Officer

Main activity of the company:  Manufacturing, supply and maintenance of Liquid fuel dispensing equipment to the Oil Industry

Date and place of birth:  2nd July 1970 – Gauteng

First job:  First National Bank – Foreign branch

Career history prior to current position: Different positions in various departments in current company

Size of first pay packet:      R644 per month

First job with present group:  Accounts department

Value of assets under your control:  R130M

Number of people under your leadership: 175

Management style: Transformational leadership

Personal best achievement:  Providing a solid support system for my two children to become well balanced, strong adults.

Professional best achievement: Appointed as CEO of Prowalco Tatsuno

Person who has had the biggest influence on your life:  My Husband for always believing in me

Person who has had the biggest influence on your career:  CEO of 1990 – Mike De Beer

Person you would most like to meet:

Business person who has impressed you most: Adrian Gore

Philosophy of life: Nothing is a coincidence, everything you’re experiencing is meant to happen exactly how it should be happening.

Biggest ever opportunity:  Making a change in the current situation

Biggest ever disappointment:  Failure

Hope for the future:  Live in the present, learn from the past and make better choices in the future

Favourite reading:  Inspirational books

Favourite TV programme:  Grey’s Anatomy

Favourite food/drink:  Pasta and a good red wine

Favourite music:  Anything with a good beat

Favourite sport:   MotoGP

Favourite website:

Hobbies:  Shopping

Car:  BMW

Pets:  2 Yorkies

Miscellaneous dislikes:   Dishonesty and pretending

Favourite other South African company:   Any clothing brand company

Favourite foreign company:  Prada

Married: (spouse’s maiden name and date of marriage)  19 March 2005

Children: (names and ages) Martin – 27, Chanique  – 21

Clubs:  None